En tant que français nous ne connaissons pas les Quiet book à l'américaine, mais en découvrant cette superbe tradition j'ai décidé de me lancer et de faire un quiet book pour mon petit garçon. Je conseil à tout ceux que ça interresse d'aller voir le blog de Stéphanie de Imagine our life qui a des idées fantastiques.

Being French Quiet book is not something I saw in my childhood. We have fabric books but nothing compare to all those " Quiet book" I can see on so many website in US. I fall in love with the concept and decided to make one for my boy. Since it looks like it will take a long time to make, I already started hoping that my little boy will have a decent quiet book when he'll turn 2 !

The best website I found about quiet books is the one made from the very talented Stephanie from Imagine our life. Go there, get inspired and start your own. My quiet book will be page by page that can be put together in a book. So I'll try to post my pages when I ll finish them. Hope it will inspire you too.




(Except for the animals, I used the pattern of Imagine our life for this page)